Recipe: Burger Brioche Buns

Recipe: Burger Brioche Buns

Homemade burger bun is rich in taste, soft and beautiful golden brown looks, with sprinkled some roasted white sesame on top the buns. These buns are perfect for kids birthday party or picnic.

The original brioche buns is sweet and more butter for the flavors. I’m personally prefer to be less sweet and less butter in the dough, yet the buns still taste good and nice soft texture. Making into a petite size buns makes it easier for kids to eat too.

Original recipe adapted from :

430gm All Purpose Flour
20gm Whole Wheat Flour
3gm Baking Yeast
240gm Full Cream Milk
35gm Unsalted Butter , room temperature
10gm Sugar
5gm Salt

Sprinkle / Topping
1 egg yolk
1 tbsp Cold Milk
Toasted White Sesame Seed (optional)

In a big measurement cup, combine baking yeast, milk and sugar. Set aside and let the yeast mixture rise for about 10 minutes.

Place all ingredients in a mixing bowl, except butter. Using a wooden spoon to combine and form a dough.

Transfer dough onto a lightly floured counter top and knead until come together and smooth.

Add in butter and continue to knead until dough reach window pane . This step is very important.

Lightly grease your mixing bowl and put your dough in. Cover with kitchen towel or cling wrap and let it rest for 60 minutes or almost double in size.

Be careful not to over proof at this stage. I only leave it on the counter for an hour at room temperature 28°C.

After an hour, transfer the dough on a lightly floured countertop and briefly knead the dough. Shape into a ball and divide it into 8 large or 12 small portions. Shape each portion into round shape, place them on a baking pan.

Brush each bun with egg wash (1 egg yolk + 1 tbsp milk). Cover with cling wrap or clean damp cloth and let it proof at room temperature for 35-45 minutes or until doubled in size.

Preheat your oven to 200°C. Remove the cover and brush each bun with egg wash again. For topping, sprinkle some white sesame seeds on top the buns.

To create some steam in the oven, spray some water into the pre heated oven before placing the baking pan in the oven. Place the baking pan in middle rack of your oven.

Set your oven to 190°C and bake it for 20 minutes or golden brown in color. Remove baking pan from the oven and transfer the buns to a wire rack to cool.

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